Thermic Lance Cutting in Portsmouth, London & across south UK

Thermal Lance
Thermic Lance Cutting Service across London & South UK

About our Thermic Lance Cutting Service

Looking for a powerful cutting solution for tough jobs? Thermic lance cutting can be the perfect option. Using a thermic lance can help you tackle heavy-duty cutting jobs that other methods struggle to handle, including cutting through heavily reinforced concrete structures, beams, columns, piles with large diameter rebar, RSJs, and more. 

In addition to its versatility, thermic lance cutting is incredibly fast, allowing for quicker cutting times compared to other cutting options. This can be a major advantage for projects where time is of the essence. Through thermic lance cutting, you can also reduce impact on the environment by minimising noise and vibration.

While there is a range of cutting options available, the advantage of using a thermic lance is mainly due to its speed and the reduction in impact, such as added noise and vibration that a thermic lance will have on the project’s environment.

Using a thermic lance rather than any other cutting option allows you also to cut metals that other burning methods cannot cope with, such as cast iron and bronze, as well as all steels of any thickness.

If you need help with thermic lance cutting for your next project in Portsmouth, London or the south of the UK, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information on our thermic lance services and other cutting solutions available.