TCC help save Goldman Sachs murals

TCC help save Goldman Sachs murals

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Technical Concrete Cutting Ltd (TCC) have helped remove a stumbling block in the way of the Goldman Sachs new £1billion office project in the City of London.

Nine Grade II listed ceramic murals created in the 1960’s are to be moved from the old fleet telephone exchange in Farringdon Street to the Barbican to enable demolition of the old building.

To achieve this TCC created a bespoke diamond saw to cut and release the fragile ceramic tiles from the wall.

Each mural measured 3m x 1.8m and consisted of 40No 450mm x 300mm tiles, each valued at £1,000. Giving a total value of £360,000 for the nine murals. The murals all showed images of the modern telecommunications age of the 1960’s with a different theme on each one in a semi-abstract form, and were designed and made by ceramic artist Dorothy Annan much of whose works have not been kept as buildings have been updated.

A totally vibrationless cutting method was essential so that every tile was removed intact ready for re-erection in their new location.

The job was completed safely, on time and budget with no breakages to the tiles.