Saw Cutting & Wire Sawing

Ring and Chain Sawing, Wire Sawing, Track Sawing, Slab Sawing

About saw cutting

Our saw cutting services include all aspects of sawing and dynamic options are available to meet each client’s individual needs. Sawing is fast, safe, and effective.

Our ability to adapt different techniques and utilise our broad range of sawing equipment and expertise means we can handle any situation and environment to get the job done, effectively, safely and with exceptional quality of workmanship.

For more information about our saw cutting services, contact us on 02392 483 483.

Our Saw Cutting Abilities

Electric/ Diesel Sawing

Saw cutting trenches, openings and separations prior to demolition with powerful diesel saws. Small saws for cutting green concrete joints. Electric sawing in internal locations where low noise and fume-free work is needed – with laminated blades where appropriate to reduce noise

Track Sawing

For openings in walls, soffits, etc. using powerful hydraulic saws capable of cutting up to 920mm in depth in heavily reinforced concrete

Hand, Ring and Chain Sawing

Hand held machines for trimming edges, cutting door and window openings up to 600mm from one side.

Wire Sawing

To cut through structures of any thickness prior to demolition or removal