Robotic Demolition

Robotic Demolition, Crushing and Breaking

About our robotic demolition

Robotic demolition machines are a type of technology that can be operated on-site as either an alternative or traditional method. These remote control demolition equipment are versatile, flexible, and provide additional safety during on-site projects. 

Our robotic demolition machines are electric-powered and are used for fume-free indoor and outdoor operation and are more environmentally friendly than fuel counterparts.

Operatives position themselves away from the machine communicating instruction via remote, eliminating any exposure to body or hand/arm vibration and minimising risk to operatives from falling materials, especially in high-risk areas.

Our robotic demolition machines can access any work location by fitting into lifts, driving up or down staircases or being hoisted into position. Robots range from 400Kg to 3500Kg in weight to cope with various job situations, i.e. floor loading, size of access route, reach to work location etc. These remote control demolition equipment can remove strong rooms and staircases from holes in walls and floors.

Auger to drill holes for posts, barriers, piles, etc. With many mounted tool options dependent on project requirements, from breakers, jaws, etc.

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