Portsmouth concrete drilling project

Noise-sensitive structural removal robotic crushing and hydraulic bursting

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No Noise Please – The Quiet Decommissioning of a Manufacturing Plant 

  • Noise-Sensitive Structural Removal 
  • Low-Percussion Techniques 
  • Diamond Sawing 
  • Diamond Drilling 
  • Hydraulic Concrete Bursting 
  • Robotic Crushing 

Project Duration: 3 weeks 

Project Overview 

When production in a Portsmouth factory was moved overseas, the company enlisted the support of TCC to help them covert the redundant space into a new assembly area and warehouse. However, all the work had to be undertaken while offices above and storage areas alongside remained in operation – necessitating specialist low-noise and low-percussion concrete removal and disposal. 

Project Methodology 

TCC was required to remove tank bases and a mezzanine floor. The latter was taken out using a combination of diamond sawing and robotic crushing, which not only provided a no-vibration solution but also ensured no damage to the remaining walls. TCC also took out three 6m diameter x 1.2m high tank bases using diamond drilling and hydraulic bursting. Rubble was then cleared away to skips. 

Key Performance Criteria 

The location of the project demanded a low-noise solution so that other operational areas of the company’s activities could continue without interruption. 


The project required the use of fume-free electric and propane-powered machinery – and cutting and bursting techniques which are specialist areas of expertise for TCC. The use of robotic plant also negated any VWF issues. Steel recovered was sent to scrap and crushed concrete recycled for hardcore.