Up the Creek….

The drilling and sawing of concrete doesn’t always entail working on a construction site though it can be interesting to work on the roof of a cathedral or the bowels of the Parliament Building….

This summer, TCC had the good fortune of working on a series of canal/lock works in the English and Welsh countryside. Access can be a bit difficult but nothing beats the scenery.

TCC was called in to help with the maintenance and repair of various channels, gates and weirs.

As to be expected, corrosion gradually leads to the need to remove older structural steel which is imbedded in concrete.

Care had to be taken to not damage the surrounding concrete. Indiscriminate pounding can lead to the formation of cracks in the remaining structure.

TCC was able to facilitate the works by judicious saw cutting usually with track saws due to the depth of cuts required. Track sawing yields a nice perfect cut line. Crack propagation was minimized by making these cuts.

Afterwards the works were followed up with breaking with the mini-robot, the Brocc 40. Hands free operation of the Brocc allows for the operative to work a safe distance from the breaking interface and with no concerns for Hand-Arm Vibration difficulties. The smaller robot is capable of working in smaller, tighter spaces.