Tcc Scilly Mission

Get yourself on a Scilly Mission this summer

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Chichester based concrete cutting specialists, Technical Concrete Cutting Ltd (TCC), are proud to announce that they have become “Gold Sponsors” to the Scilly Mission.

The Scilly Mission involves a team of three island boys (from Tresco in the Isles of Scilly that is) taking a small family car through 17 countries, 5 mountain ranges, 2 deserts, 2 continents over 10,000 miles of unpredictable road. Without a support crew, recovery vehicle or particular mechanical knowledge; all for charity … in other words, taking part in the Mongol Rally.

The 200 teams set off from Goodwood near Chichester, each aiming to get to Mongolia within 28 days.

The Scilly Missions’ chosen vehicle for this trip? – an old Citroen Saxo! There are no prizes for coming first (or last). There are no support teams. There are no plush hotels. There are no recovery vehicles

When, or should that be if, they arrive in Mongolia the team will then auction off the Saxo and donate the proceeds to the National Mongolian Orphanage.

The rally itself is described as “arguably the last and greatest misadventure found on the face of the earth, and a great charity event to top it off. Get from the UK to Mongolia, in a tiny car with less than a 1.2 litre engine, travelling through heaps of countries you’ve barely heard of, driven by people who have minimal (if any) engineering skills, in a trial where GPS use is frowned upon. Taking every mile as it comes (there will be about 10,000 of them coming), solving problems as and when (and believe me – they certainly will) arise.

Breaking down in the middle of an Uzbekistani desert, and having to fix the car with the materials we have to hand. Corrupt border guards demanding bribes. Finding the ‘motorway’ the map so kindly guides us to is actually a washed out dirt track, stretching for hundreds of rocky miles through Kazakhstani wilderness, frequented by none.”

Nigel Ostler-Harris from TCC, who saw the islanders off on Saturday afternoon, said he was excited for James, Will and Nick on what would be a fantastic experience for them, with lifetime memories coupled with charitable benefit to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.

For more details on this great adventure and to track their progress see