Concrete Drilling, Stitch Drilling & Diamond Core Drilling Contractors

Stitch Drilling, Diamond Drilling, Dowel Hole Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling

The diamond core drilling process uses a diamond drill bit, alongside other powerful drills, to core precise and accurate holes that conventional percussion drilling methods are not able to. Diamond core drilling also decreases the vibration in surrounding structures.

We have a range of concrete drilling service equipment, to suit any diamond core drilling requirements. Our core drill equipment includes handheld drills, automatic setups, mounted rigs, hydraulic and electric. Holes from 5mm to 1 metre in diameter up to 20m in length can be drilled.

Our core drill equipment for our core drilling services are not just limited to just concrete and can cover a number of materials. Diamond core drilling is water suppressed but can be dry drilled using extraction, so dust is not an issue for either method. There’s very little hand-arm vibration to the operative allowing quicker job progression for our drilling contractors safely.

Stitch drilling is just one of the techniques we can use by drilling a series of overlapping holes to form openings of any shape or size through any thickness.

Concrete Drilling Services

Stitch Drilling

Drilling a series of overlapping holes to form openings of any shape through any thickness.

Diamond Drilling

Holes from 5mm to 1 metre in diameter using hand held tools and electric or large hydraulic rigs for holes up to 20m in length.

Concrete Dowel Hole Drilling

Automatic machines to percussion drill holes for dowels in the edge of slabs without manual drilling