Commerical Concrete Drilling Services in Portsmouth, London & Surrounding Areas

Stitch Drilling, Diamond Drilling, Dowel Hole Drilling

Core Drilling Services

Core drilling is a precise construction technique that creates clean, cylindrical holes in tough materials like concrete, asphalt, and masonry. It’s versatile, producing holes of various sizes and depths for tasks like installing pipes, conduits, and cables in buildings, bridges, and roads. The process of core drilling generates minimal dust and vibration, making it safe and efficient for construction, renovation, and geotechnical studies.

The method of core drilling is even effective against reinforced concrete. Through diamond concrete drilling, diamond-tipped drill bits can cut through concrete and embedded steel reinforcement.

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Stitch Drilling

Stitch drilling is just one method of concrete drilling we can use to break through concrete, metals and other reinforced materials. A series of overlapping holes are drilled to form openings of any shape or size through any thickness. Stitch drilling is often used in construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries to create precise and accurate spaces without damaging the surrounding material. By using stitch drilling, professionals can easily and safely create openings for pipes, ductwork, and other components while maintaining the material’s structure. Overall, stitch drilling is a highly effective and efficient method for creating precise openings in a wide range of materials.

Diamond Drilling

As it is the toughest naturally occurring material in the world, diamonds are used in our core drilling services. The diamond drilling technique involves concrete using hand-held tools or electric and large hydraulic rigs to drill holes from 5mm to 1 metre in diameter and up to 20 metres in length. With diamond drilling, professionals can create accurate and high-quality holes with minimal disruption to their surroundings.

Concrete Dowel Hole Drilling

Automatic machines to percussion drill holes for dowels in the edge of slabs to accommodate dowels or reinforcement bars without manual drilling.

Stitch Drilling

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