stitch drilling

Concrete cutting vibration-free operation

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Reading Sub-Station – Switching on a Vibration-Free Solution 

  • Stitch Diamond Drilling 
  • Vibration-Free Operation 
  • Multiple Openings of Various Sizes and Angles 
  • Dust-Free Environment 

Project Duration: 1 week 

Project Overview 

With the knowledge that one piece of debris could cause significant damage – and potentially a black-out – TCC’s expertise for delivering vibration-free stitch diamond drilling was put to the test when a Reading electricity sub-station was replaced. 

Project Methodology 

The 275kVA substation equipment had become fragile and tripping was a genuine possibility, which meant that new switchgear/ transformers had to be introduced. But the sensitivity of the existing equipment meant any work had to be undertaken free of vibration and dust. 

Fortunately, TCC has considerable experience in this area – and the company used its stitch-drilling expertise to create 15 openings of various sizes and differing angles through the 450mm thick floor slab for new cable ways from the chamber below. Some openings had one side on an angle to allow for the gentle sweep of large 75/100mm diameter cables. Water lubrication ensured no dust. 

Key Performance Criteria 

The timely completion the of project within one week was essential to meet the scheduled arrival of the new 15m long switch panel. In addition, a large number of old cables below the opening had to be protected, which meant supporting sections of concrete to avoid any falling debris. 


The project was completed in a vibration and dust-free manner – negating concerns over VWF – and on time to ensure the fitting of a new switch panel, ensuring that the area’s electricity supply was maintained throughout.