Burst & Crush

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About our burst & crush

At Technical Concrete Cutting we have a number of different methods of controlled demolition which reduce noise and dust in the environment and surroundings.

Our Bursting & Crushing Abilities

Concrete bursting

Safe effective, low vibration, powerful hydraulic bursters inserted into pre-drilled holes and expanded to split concrete into manageable sections for ease of removal. – ideal for removing foundations, machine bases, and confined spaces.

Concrete crushing

We offer different crushing options, dependent on the work required. crushing offers a low noise, low dust with no vibration to the user. Can crush redundant slabs, walls, and staircases up to 450mm thickness with minimal dust.

From crushers mounted on a range of different sized remote-controlled robotic demolition robots to handheld crushers, both options are quick and safe. using hydraulic powered crushing jaws.