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About our concrete crushing & concrete bursting methods

At Technical Concrete Cutting, we are a reliable and effective controlled demolition service provider that offers services across London and the south of the UK. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we provide a range of cutting-edge techniques for controlled demolition, including concrete crushing and concrete bursting.

Our concrete crushing and bursting methods have been designed to minimise environmental noise and dust, ensuring the safety and comfort of personnel and surrounding areas. So whether you require a concrete crusher for small-scale demolition or a large-scale concrete bursting project, our team has the know-how and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver top-quality results every time.

If you require concrete crushing or concrete bursting for your controlled demolition requirements, get in touch with us at 02392 483 483.

What is Concrete Crushing & Concrete Bursting?

Concrete bursting

Ideal for removing foundations, machine bases, confined spaces, concrete bursting is safe, effective. It has low vibration and powerful hydraulic bursters that insert into pre-drilled holes and expand to split concrete into manageable sections for ease of removal.

Concrete crushing

We offer different concrete crushing options, dependent on the work required. For some projects where demolition is required, concrete crushing can be used to break down and recycle anything left over. A concrete crusher provides low noise and dust with no vibration to the user and can crush redundant slabs, walls, and staircases up to 450mm thick with minimal dust.

From concrete crushers mounted on a range of different sized remote controlled demolition robots to handheld concrete crushers, both options are quick and safe and use hydraulic powered crushing jaws.

Brokk Roof Building Removal
Brokk Roof Building Removal

How does Concrete Crushing work?

Our concrete crushing specialists use powerful hydraulic jaws to crush and remove concrete without vibration and the need for water. During this process, hydraulic pressure is applied to an open concrete edge to crush the area and is repeated until the required concrete is removed.

How does Concrete Bursting work?

Unlike concrete crushing, concrete bursting involves drilling small holes into the concrete area and using an expanding mechanism to fracture the concrete into smaller sections which will help remove concrete.

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